Curve Amphora | Pendant | Brass
Curve Amphora | Pendant | Brass

Curve Amphora | Pendant | Brass

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Made by sculpting a solid vase form from a block of hard jewellers wax. Then sawn in half and carefully hollowed it out with a warmed blade. Once hollowed the two sides were sealed back together to create one whole vessel.

It is a labour of love to create this piece with the process of lost wax casting. Every amphora is made unique, as I work directly onto the moulded wax before sending it back to the casting house to be turned into metal.


  • Made from an alloy of golden brass which is made with reclaimed metals as a sustainable option.

  • Pendant piece only.

  • This piece slides onto a chain easily - thread one through one of the arms.

  • About 5cm by 2cm.

  • 13-14g.