Ex Voto Heart Amulet | Pendant | Silver

Ex Voto Heart Amulet | Pendant | Silver

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The Ex Voto of the flaming heart symbolises devotion, love, and gratitude. What a beautiful gift to give to yourself, or to somebody you love.

In Christian tradition Ex Votos were given as offerings to the saints or the divine, and this particular symbol appears across centuries of religious art. This custom of gift-giving to saints, deities, or spirits can be traced back millennia to Mesopotamia and Egypt in the ancient near-east. The tradition continued into pagan Rome and then into early Christianity, blossoming in the medieval period. In modern day Mexico flaming hearts are still commonly worn and used as religious lucky charms called Milagros.


  • Handmade in the UK.

  • A medium-sized pendant-piece measuring 2.5 x 1.5cm.

  • Bale (loop) measuring 6mm.

  • Recycled 925 sterling silver.

  • Pendant only. Add to an existing chain, source a second-hand piece or find mine in the shop