About Ottowin

Ottowin Footwear 

Ottowin was founded by us, Lucy Lloyd & Oliver Cross in 2016.

Born out of a love of making, contemporary design and a great respect for precious natural materials.

Making less than 200 pairs and year with a 6 week minimum lead time we are slowing down and reshaping customers expectations of fashion retail. Come in store and see us making at The Ottowin Shop, 56 Gloucester Rd, Bristol.

We design & make everyday styles using traditional techniques joining our passion for colour, a sense of play & the highest quality leather that ages beautifully with wear to create timeless collections which won't go out of fashion in years to come but are still deeply routed in the here and now.

Starting this brand has given us to platform to actively promote and provide customers with a 'slow fashion' option. Using our knowledge of materials to inform our decisions, from design, selection and craftsmanship. The opposite to a production line, each pair is has been on a journey from raw material to a stamped and signed Ottowin shoe. This complete engagement in the making process creates a highly personal product, which we hope carries through from us to you.

We hope to build long-term relationships with our customers and promote an appreciation for slow production,  which starts at your feet and grows to change societal consumption.

Too much ? Well, you've gotta dream.

The Ottowin Shop

A curated group of local goods from of independent sustainable artists & designers, making it easy to shop ethically in every aspect of your lifestyle from footwear made in store, to clothing, beauty & homeware.