Goddess box

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Goddess Box

The perfect box for the all the goddesses in your life. 

This beautiful wooden box comes in a handprinted organic cotton bag. From the moment you untie the the ribbon the magic begins. The box itself can be used as a portable alter, or treasure box during and after use. 

Add a scoop or two of Goddess Bath to a tub of water, light the goddess candle and be enveloped in celestial love. Transdermal magnesium absorption is a great way to up mag levels, which are amazing for improving sleep, busting stress and improving all over health. Add the clear quartz to the water and let the crystal imbue the water and you.

Use the dinky bamboo spoon to measure the Goddess Mask and add it to the alter dish, which has been made specially for us, by local potter and complete goddess Fi Underhill. A little water added to the divine mix of pink clay and organic coconut milk makes a paste that is great for all skin types.  Mindfully paint your face. Feel the sensations of love and care as you do. When you are ready, run the reusable cotton pads in warm water and gently rub off in circular motions. Your skin with feel heavenly.

We have included a Goddess Oil for Abhyanga the Ayurvedic practice of anointing yourself with oil. You can pour a little into the alter dish and add the clear quartz crystal focusing your intention and taking a moment to connect with yourself and your body. This is a grounding practice that promotes self love.

These are extremely limited. Enjoy!