Enfold Trousers - Yellow

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This yellow edition of the Enfold Trouser adds a burst of colour to your everyday and can be styled in different ways depending on how you secure the ties around the body. As a mighty pair of wide leg trousers that can be worn with the folds either at the front or back, the shape is complimented by the selected soft yellow Tencel twill, a fabric with a natural drape which is enhanced by the cut of the design.

Allowing you to fit and secure the design around your waist, inside there are long, matching fabric straps whilst a generous amount of space through the legs allow for movement. A large square pocket has been added to the front of the leg in addition to a reverse jet compartment to hold your belongings.

Tencel is a sustainably sourced fibre derived from wood and has a naturally soft feel against the skin.

Model George is wearing size XL and has wrapped them around the body more so the folds overlap as George is an oB size S/M. These yellow trousers are recommended to fit best on anyone who is anywhere between oB size M/L to XXL see oB sizing guide here… https://www.ob-wear.com/sizing-measuring